Hi friends!!!

Welcome to my little blog site! In all honesty, I have no intentions of this site blowing up or being the next big blogger.. I just want somewhere to post my writing. I made this site in like less than 30 minutes, but it’s perfect just like YOU 😉

Latest from the Blog

To be Black in America…

“A system cannot fail those it was never designed to protect.” -Unknown Ahmaud Arbery was a 25 year old, unarmed black man jogging through a neighborhood he does regularly. Ahmaud Arbery was followed, attacked, and murdered on February 23, 2020 during his jog. Remember I said he was black. Remember I said he was MURDERED.Continue reading “To be Black in America…”

Twitter Rape Allegations :/

Okay. Now y’all got me mad. So, I don’t know if you all know or not, but they have these “rapist” pages going around on twitter. There are some familiar faces up there, but I don’t know shit so I don’t say shit. But what I do know is that these nigga’s got me f*****Continue reading “Twitter Rape Allegations :/”

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